Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CTE and why is it important?

CTE stands for Career & Technical Education. CTE programs are basically 'subjects' not being tested on. All focus area classes are known as CTE classes. (e.g., welding, veterinary science, information technology, etc.) These programs are important because they are providing hands-on training and education for students to have for their future and careers post high school. CTE classes will help students 'figure out what they want to be when they grow up.' It also helps them figure out what they do not want to do!

  • Will my student receive high school credit while taking these classes?

Yes, students receive high school credit while taking these classes. They receive 2 credit hours while taking focus area CTE classes.

  • Can my student work at a Work-Based Learning site while being under 18?

Yes, see link for more details.