Advanced Manufacturing 




Creek Wood Welding has been in operation since 2015 now preparing students for tomorrow’s workforce. We offer a number of certifications and other postsecondary opportunities. We start the year of Welding I in the classroom learning safety then blueprint reading along with welding symbol identification. After we have a grasp on safety and how to set up a project through reading blueprints and problem solving we begin working with the SMAW (shield metal arc welding) process. While we are learning SMAW a lot of the basics of welding are covered however as we move to more advanced processes through the 3-year course we continue to learn more techniques applicable to each particular process. We work both in the welding booths and on real-life projects to prepare the student to be a well-balanced welding fabricator. We finish the Welding 1 year off with a welding bend test and some basic inspection training for sound weld beads. In Welding 2 we start the year off with a refresher course of safety and then we move into Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW). We finish up with some Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). 

"In the welding program at CWHS, we strive to not only teach the principles of welding but also the values of being a hard-working, reliable, and honest employee ready for the next step in the student’s life."

-Vance Hardin



The Mechatronics program of study is designed for students interested in becoming a mechatronics technician, electrical technician, mechanical engineering technician, robotics technician, or mechatronics engineer. Course content focuses on the components of manufacturing systems, collection and analysis of quality data, electronics, mechanics, fluid power systems, computers and control systems, and technical documentation and troubleshooting.

"Students enrolled in the program gain knowledge about a trade that will stay with them. They learn to problem solve, think on their feet, and how to work with others."

-Houston Thiel

Our Advanced Manufacturing teachers, along with Mr. Taylor, Construction teacher, hosted CWHS 1st Annual Industry Dinner.