Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security




The Criminal Justice cluster helps prepare students for careers in planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security, including professional and technical support services. We also cover Forensic Criminal Investigations to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the sciences on Criminal Justice. Students will learn terminology and investigation skills related to the crime scene, aspects of criminal behavior, and applications of the scientific inquiry to solve crimes. By utilizing the scientific inquiry method, students will obtain and analyze evidence through simulated crime scenes and evaluation of case studies.

"Who doesn't love a good crime show, serial killer documentary, or crime scene investigation? Come join Criminal Justice and experience real world scenarios of the criminal justice world. Simulated traffic stops, blood spatter, mock criminal trials, fingerprinting, and crime scene investigation are just a few of the activities you will experience throughout the Criminal Justice focus area."

-Libby Hernandez




The Criminal Justice Program is a dual credit course that provides education and training in all aspects of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security and Private Security. The history of law enforcement is traced from its roots to modern times, and we examine how other countries contributed to the current Criminal Justice System in the United States. We dive into all aspects of Criminal Justice, including patrol investigations, administration, corrections, parole and probation, the court systems, as well as the levels of law enforcement, local, state and federal. This is an excellent program for anyone interested in the field of law enforcement, forensics, corrections, becoming an attorney, or any part of our judicial system.

"The Criminal Justice Program in Dickson County has really grown in the past several years. Being one of the newest classes in CTE, we are now seeing the results of the class. We currently have CTE CJ graduates that are employed in local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as many pursuing post secondary education at many different colleges. It is a fun, challenging and rewarding course."

-John Patterson